PRESENT Principle 08: Just Get Started

My struggle. Our all struggle. Fucking Procrastination! It’s so ridiculously easy for our brain to find something that "needs to be done" before the time is "right" to work on what we should be working. The thing is: we rarely 100% "feel like it". Our monkey mind, our Resistance* works too hard to never really make us feel like tackling the important stuff. And this is killing us. And the people around us.

The cure are three words: JUST GET STARTED.

When it comes to hard tasks don’t say "just do it" — that’s overwhelming. But just get started.

It amazes me every single time how once we finally managed to get started on a "difficult task" it all of a sudden doesn’t feel as scary or uncomfortable anymore. Once we managed to take the first step we'll just go with it and flow along.

Bonus trick to make yourself getting started: Set a timer to 10 minutes. Tell your brain: only 10 minutes. Are you crazy? Of course I can do that!

And more often than not we find ourselves all of the sudden so immersed in the task that when the timer goes off we simply continue. Because the starting is the actual hard part. And begun is half done.

Life is infinitely better without procrastination.

So just get started.

Resistance is a term coined by Steven Pressfield in his incredible book The War of Art. If you struggle with getting started read this book and find out why. You won’t regret it.