PRESENT as a celebration of the NOW
PRESENT as a reminder to be in the MOMENT
PRESENT as a GIFT to promote generosity
PRESENT as a MANIFESTO for inclusivity
We believe in the PRESENT. We believe in optimism!
Our world gets increasingly loud and cluttered with negativity, hate and faux nostalgia. We fight against that.
The PRESENT leads to the future. The ability to find focus is essential to surviving our world of mass distraction. From now on it will be only more meaningful to be able to get into the state of flow and deep work, to get the truly important things done.
Being PRESENT is the secret to true contentment. Recent studies proved that if we focus on our experience in the moment we become significantly happier than if our are minds wander away from the now, no matter what activity.
PRESENT is there to inspire and push, motivate and initiate, reflect and trigger. To get closer to what we really want, to execute on what we know we need to do.