PRESENT Principle 03: Prioritize Until It Hurts

Everyday I’m writing, accumulating ‘grandiose’ plans and concepts. But I feel that all the beautiful ideas in the world don’t matter until they get executed — and ultimately manifest into something of actual use to others.

But that’s also what makes executing ideas hard — once they left the save place of your head or notebook they can be judged and criticized. Still better and more interesting than being hidden away. I’m sick of great ideas that go nowhere.

Even though I’m still not sure if a lot of people are interested in my vision or the things and people I want to feature and push — all I know is that I have to do it, no matter what. But more on that another day.

For now, these are the things that I’m trying to put in out in the next weeks to push this project forward:

1. A concise presentation/document that contains, pinpoints, clarifies the core ideas and ambitions of PRESENT to be sent out to future contributors, collaborators and interview partners. (It’s an ambitious and exciting list!)

2. A catalogue of specific and unique questions for upcoming recorded conversations. The questions I’m mostly interested in are rarely appear in classic interviews. They are going to be always respectful but highly personal, and at first sight often banal, but tremendously insightful.

3. PRESENT clothing and merch. Super excited about that. I want to build a brand again — that’s just one of my favorite things to do. Ultimately these products could become a great tool for people to support and sponsor the project.