Volodymyr Sannikov
Routesetter, Shaper
Dojo Portrait

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Hannah Kuhlmann

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Dojo Portrait

What are you the most proud of in your space?  I think it’s models of climbing holds that I’ve made, of course not all of them, but some I really like. And there’s a lot of space to improve, so I hope there will be more interesting holds or even sets.

HOW DO YOU FOCUS?  I just come to my place, turn on some music and start working.

Dojo Portrait

WHAT’S THAT ONE PRACTICE THAT HAS CHANGED YOUR LIFE THAT YOU WANT TO SHARE WITH US?  For me, it was rock climbing. It changed my life significantly. Of course, it didn’t happen in one moment; it takes time, ten and a half years, to be exact. And now all my day-to-day life turns around rock climbing.

Dojo Portrait

WHAT’S THE BEST ADVICE YOU’VE BEEN GIVEN?  Small steps make big changes, the key is consistency. If you want to improve in something, you need to do it every day!

Dojo Portrait

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE UNREALIZED PROJECT?  It would be awesome to come up with some idea(s), that will bring something new in indoor rock climbing or outdoor, who knows!

DESCRIBE YOUR IDEAL WORKSPACE IN THREE WORDS  Bright, warm and quiet in some sense.

Dojo Portrait

Lesha Berezovskiy