Week 52
December 25 – December 31, 2023

Family action deluxe! It was a lot, but I certainly can’t complain. I’m lucky to have such a big, patch-worked, crazy, funky, and loving family!

I was DJing on the 25th at JAKI club with my old friends. The next days lots of movie watching, hiking in forests around the city, endless cakes and cookies…

I also met my 2-years old godson Bruno, the kid of my old of my buddy Felix. Very proud of this young daddy!

Slowly wrapping up 2023 for myself and reflecting on where I want to be in the coming year. Looking forward talking to you all in 2024. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there and following me on my journey <3

“The world rewards those who are courageous enough to stop waiting and start.” ~Mel Robbins

✺ This one-hour introduction to language models by OpenAI researcher Andrej Karpathy is a fantastic primer no matter your level of technical knowledge
✺ Learn from the Greek OG! Great video essay about Marcus Aurelius, author of Meditations and one of the founding fathers of Stoicism

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