Week 51
December 18 – December 24, 2023

Thankful for good energy and stable health in this last week before Christmas.

I finished writing a new version of Why PRESENT? ~ This manifesto is a personal guideline and hopefully also serves as a useful background on the intentions of this project as a whole.

Bottom line: PRESENT is built with the mission in mind to empower, encourage, and inspire every person in the world who is crazy enough to take the risk to get started on their favorite unrealized project (more)

Last action this week: finishing Christmas present preparations and taking the train to my hometown Cologne for celebrating with my family.

Post: PRESENT Glow Journey
Post: Why PRESENT?

✺ Tuxedo’s Tiny Desk (2017) is my kind of Xmas vibe
✺ Kobe Bryant: The Power Of Sleep & Meditation

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