Week 50
December 11 – December 17, 2023

Busy weeks so close to the end of the year! Toomuchness was troubling me, at times I simply didn’t know where to begin. I’m sure you can relate. If everything gets too overwhelming I’m putting all task somewhere I can’t see them and just pick one. One task. Full focus. Nothing else. Then the next.

I’m grateful I haven’t been sick in a long time. I didn’t have less stress, so it must be thanks to the daily cold showers, pretty consistent exercise habits this year, and good supplements. Whatever the reason, this makes me so happy. Never not healthy again!

I went to visit my buddy Adam Barnard’s Otto Resource event on Friday, Saturday I was DJing for 8 hours straight at legendary Spiegelsaal in Berlin for my friends of Volée.

“I live in the moment, and I reflect later.” ~Action Bronson

✺ I’m a Action Bronson fan: start with From Paris With Love from the great F*ck that’s Delicious series and listen to his recent Tiny Desk Concert
✺ Finished reading The Circle by Dave Eggers, which was great. Heard the movie is bad but I’ll try it next
✺ Hooked on London's p-rallel’s Garage tribute I Know

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