Week 48
November 28 – December 04, 2022

In our last days in Bangkok we visited the Reclining Buddha, went up the Maha Nakhon (tallest building in Thailand and highest I’ve ever been to). Rounded up by enjoying the Jodd Fairs at night with my friend Karl, who’s living in Bangkok since several year.

Back in Berlin and feeling surprisingly fresh after the long flight. Next day: a lot in my head. Trying to make clarity…

Can’t deny a strange gloomyness on my mind these last days. Why is that? Too much pressure? Too many things I want to do until Christmas? Or simply the contrast from sun/beach/thailand to cold/grey/berlin?

Went to the Rosalía concert with Sarah and Berin. Amazing show. Such an amazing artist, I was blown away. Bliss! Thanks to Sarah for making it happen <3

Input: The Art of Fermenting Great Ideas
Watched White Lotus (such good entertainment!)
Watched Happy Old Year

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