Week 45
November 06 – November 12, 2023

Slow start into the week dealing with some annoying worries and inertia. What helps me when everything is overwhelming: Running, then sitting with a blank piece of paper and get it all out. Redefining priorities. Starting again.

I’m currently working on the next steps for PRESENT. At first we will upgrade the website, publishing new content and features. I also work on breathing new life into our Community Space, which I couldn’t as much as I wished for in the last weeks. Stay tuned!

I fixed and painted my kitchen with the help of S. It felt good to do some work in the apartment and office. Also chilling with my sister and meeting old friends this week.

"I must change my life so that I can live it, not wait for it.” ~Susan Sontag

PRSNT Post: Event Recap: Part III
PRSNT Community: 5 books that can help with stress

Call My Agent! (original: Dix pour cent) is an incredible series starring personal favorite Camille Cottin and many more fantastic actors
✺ “The bigger the dream, the bigger the shadow.” Sensei Steven Pressfield (author of my beloved The War of Art book) about Resistance at Rich Roll

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