Week 43
October 24 – October 30, 2022

Good start into the week with a good Present team call. Cherishing the conversations with Sarah and Paz! They are both amazing. I’m thankful for them and for the chance to open up this project more and more.

On Tuesday I had a feeling that I need a real break soon. I felt real overwhelm with everything. Too many tasks on my plate and on my mind. And it stressed me out. But this was then a chance to recalibrate. A chance to clean.

On Wednesday I was much better again. Maybe I just needed more sleep. The power of being well rested. I reduced and reprioritized and put myself into monk mode…

Finally got started on the next Present Newsletter. Hopefully ready to ship it soon. The mediakit proceeds slowly. Got a tough time finishing this one. Have to let go of perfectionism. It’s never going to be perfect, so just get it done. Still working on integrating Memberstack onto our website. My head was steaming from navigating all possible options, but getting there!

Went with Sarah to the vernissage of our friend Felix Rank in collaboration with Apartamento. Met some friends there and ended up at Tom Król and Klara’s new place where we had some glorious pasta! Good times.

Friday we spent the night with our friend Lesha Berezovskiy who was visiting from Kiev. Thankful to hear all his stories. He is a great guy and great photographer. He is also volunteering in the war in his home country. I’m impressed and heartbroken and thankful for people like Lesha. Respect.

Saturday we were at the 60th birthday of Regina Schilling, one of the coolest and kindest women I know. Afterwards a Halloween party with the gang, which was a fun, wholesome, and drunken reunion. A long Sunday run in an attempt to cure my foggyness and hangover, but felt blessed for the last days and for my friends and family.

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