Week 41
October 10 – October 16, 2022

Rising brutally early to get everything done. It’s a battle at the moment to have a day job and trying to push my passion project to the max.

I’m fighting my way back. In need of fresh motivation. Cleaning up. Starting again and again. Everyday is a new attempt to get important stuff done and achieve more clarity.

Worked out a new timeline for Present. Trying to make all tasks more visible to my team to allow for more support. We are getting more structured with our operations via Notion. Feeling thankful to have Sarah and Paz’s support and fresh ideas!

I’m still working on the mediakit. It’s much more directed now to what we actually need and looking for. We are still trying to figure out the Community Space. The aim is to make this public as soon as possible for Present Members.

Friday we went to the newly opened Bar Sway, which was fantastic. Felt lucky to have such an amazing new spot in my neighborhood. We connected with the great Anna Santangelo there and that was really nice!

New rule: Alcohol is fine, but just don’t get a hangover. I had enough hangovers in my life. I’m drinking conciously, so I can enjoy it, and also enjoy the next day.

Felt fresh on Saturday morning. Spontaneous visit from Carlo. Brainstorming on future magazine and publishing ideas … fun! Sunday we cooked brunch at my Dojo with our good friend Matthias. Afterwards we walked at the canal, then ordered pizza and finally watched Kwaidan, the 1964 classic from Masaki Kobayashi.

Input: Rick Rubin in Conversation with Lex Fridman (Podcast #275)

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