Week 40
October 02 – October 08, 2023

We went to the MUGLER show at Caroussel du Louvre on Monday evening: it was truly mind-blowing and very inspiring. What an energy! So proud of Casey and the whole team.

I’m preparing the next Newsletter and we keep on working on our upcoming PRESENT event: Save the date! October 27, 6pm at BAM in Berlin Kreuzberg.

What I’m struggling with: despite likes, which I appreciate, I hardly received as much real feedback on Issue 3 as I had wished for yet. Thought about how good it is that as an athlete you constantly get feedback, data, after each match. I miss this in my profession sometimes.

I’m often wondering how I can make my life more simple. Maybe I got to be even stricter with my priorities. I always have so many ideas, ongoing projects in my head and on my plate … paradoxically, at the same time I often have the feeling that I’m not doing enough.

“Wonderful things can happen when your brain is empty.” ~Maira Kalman

✺ As sports documentary fanatic I loved David Beckham on Netflix (ManU-Beckham-7 was my first international jersey I got when I was 10 ◕‿◕)
✺ We enjoyed watching Jeanne de Barry by Maïwenn

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