Week 38

September 19 – September 25, 2022

Sep 25, 2022

Wave of thankfulness at the start of the week. Grateful for last week and the weekend. So much love! Feeling blessed.

Thinking a lot about how to scale all PRESENT operations, in general. There is simply too many ideas and goals to pursue, and I feel I need to open it up much more and allow for more outside help.

Started designing a new edition of the PRESENT mediakit to accelerate my funding efforts and to sharpen up the overall mission and vision. Plus more brainstorming on additional contributor’s briefings for PRESENT Issue 3.

Clarity and Simplicity is Power. Finally took some time to clean up some of my core lists, visualisation and work files, and general priorities. This always gives me a boost of energy. New clarity!

This week I noticed once again how most “hard tasks” we tend to procrastinate on, are usually only a matter of a (often surprisingly) small amount of effort — once we finally get around to do them. Also, hard tasks tend to suddenly be really not hard at all once we tackle them in the morning after a good night’s sleep and with renewed energy.

I designed and developed the next iteration of the upcoming Newfoundation website and had some great calls with my colleagues on various topics and side missions.

Monday: Cooked my favorite soul-food: Pasta Puttanesca🍝 Thursday: Pizza and beers with Sarah<3 And for the first time in years I went to the football pitch alone, just to “train” by myself, getting blissfully lost in shooting, juggling, dribbling. Felt real good.

Friday I went to Cologne for one night to celebrate the birthday of my friend Mitch. Good times :) On the way back I watched the Julia Child documentary, which I enjoyed and recommend.

Present Post: Tricia and Terry Jones interview (Read it here!)

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