Week 37
September 12 – September 18, 2022

Lots of juggling this week. Working my ass off to get everything done in time and with the utmost quality.

I started my week with preparing for the official launch of the new Salomon logo I redesigned. Super pumped to finally share it! Launched it on Tuesday (1,2,3,4) and was really grateful for all the nice reactions. Felt relieved and happy!

Recorded my first podcast with my colleague Jordan Duclos, Shuya Gong and Selim Imoberdorf for Newforum. I also worked on the upcoming platform Newocean, and a website for all documention of Newcoin.

Friday night I cooked at my place for Sarah<3, and my sister, and my old friend Luisa who’s visiting Berlin. Sebastian Peter joined as well and we all played We’re Not Really Strangers which is always intense but always good:)

My homie Carlo convinced me to go to his spinning class with him in on Saturday morning. I had a blast. It was one of the most exhausting activities I’ve done in a while and I felt great afterwards. Really energized. Talked about our habits and inspirations afterwars, grateful for this!

In the afternoon we went to the ARMA block party, organised by my buddies from NoService. The great Niklas Wandt was playing in the afternoon I took over afterwards and we had a proper dance! I was in heaven. I had such a good time mixing! Need to do it more again…

What is something wonderful about your life that you rarely appreciate as much as you should?

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