Week 35
August 29 – September 04, 2022

Rough start into the week. Gotta push through. Struggling to get to bed earlier. So many projects and balls to keep in the air. And more work for my archive experiment. (Hope it’s worth it.)

Pushing our experimental Community Space but realizing I need different onboarding strategies. Had a good call with Paz and Sarah how to tackle it. More work on our timeline and upcoming contributions and collaborations.

I met with Dennis Buck to gave him some back issues for research, he’s going to work in Italy for the next weeks and starts his upcoming contribution from there.

Long calls with Sofiane and Madelaine regarding all ongoing Newfoundation projects. (Finished a new identity for NF and continued finalising the upcoming Newforum website.)

Went for Schnitzel at Obermaier with some old friends, afterwards to Ricarda’s birthday, which was very lovely.

Played football with my homies for the first time since a while. My feet were a bit fucked afterwards but I felt great overall. Planning to do this twice a month now.

Went to Chateau Royal a new hotel and restaurant in Berlin, ran by my friends. It was a really nice night. And the next day: Wedding of my buddies Lea & Ricky on the countryside: big fun!

Present Post: Present People

Input: The Rescue (Simple incredible. Moved me to tears.)

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