Week 33
August 14 – August 20, 2023

Monday morning we finished the final files of PRESENT Issue 3 and shipped the 300-pages PDF to the printer. Afterwards we refined the covers: we’ll have two this time! ~ it was tight, it was tense, but we made it.

Feeling exhausted but happy. We had lunch in my backyard in the sun. Afterwards simply cleaning. Finished overdue taxes...it felt weirdly relaxing.

Wednesday was printing day. Pretty nervous when we drove there. We inspected all sheets coming out of the Heidelberg and made small color corrections before giving the printer the final green light. Everything looked good in the end and this was the moment when I was finally truly relieved!

Close to the finish line self-doubt creeps in occasionally: “is it actually good what you are producing?” I try to be aware of the Resistance, of my lizard brain talking. The main achievement was to get this thing done. I know we did our best. Everything that comes now is a bonus, more or less out of my control. I try to make peace with it.

We went to have some drinks with friends. Simply felt thankful. The rest of the week I spent having some me-time, preparing upcoming teasers and the PRESENT Newsletter for next week.

✺ I watched Rheingold about the life of legendary German-Kurdish rapper and entrepreneur Giwar Hajabi aka Xatar
✺ Rediscovered the Tourist album by St Germain from 2000 and still love it! Remembering pumping it on my bike as a teen while vizualizing my future life…

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