Week 32
August 07 – August 13, 2023

Spent two days in the countryside outside of Cologne with my dad and sister. We stayed in a cabin and spend our days hiking in the sourrounding forrests. I woke up super early to get some work done, but otherwise off screens!

The train ride back to Berlin was intense. I felt pretty exhausted about the endless e-mails and last-minute refinements to take care off, and I arrived feeling sick.

That was bad timing and quite stressful tbh, but I managed to push through. When Sarah arrived on Friday I was much better. We then had some crazy 72 hours of hardcore magazine finalising for the printer’s deadline Monday morning!

I felt so relieved and proud that we brought it home. We tweaked this beast until the last minute and gave everything we have. Fingers crossed now that the printing will go smoothly. I’ll keep you posted <3

"Focus on the present and leave the rest to fate." was a very helpful mantra for me these last days.

Wana by nour, a young musician from Cairo, is a track I played on repeat the last weeks. Here's a video about the process behind (also check out: مش حقيقة)
✺ Fascinating interview with Jürgen Klopp, one of my all-time favorite people in football business: Was treibt dich wirklich an?
I’m Not Sorry for My Delay: What if we just stopped being so available? via The Atlantic

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