Week 32
August 08 – August 14, 2022

Back in Berlin! On Monday I launched the PRESENT Community by inviting ~15 beta testers aka good friends. I’m a bit nervous if this works as I envisioned it. Keep calm and carry on.

This week I’m aiming to make solid progress on my missions for Newfoundation. Priority 1: building the Newforum website, then improving Newlife.

Besides, big push for PRESENT Issue 3: Writing more e-mails, make more layout tests, talk with Sarah about some new ideas I had. And: Preparing and shipping the next posts for Socials.

I’m currently (finally) reading The Power of Now by Eckhard Tolle. And I’ve finished reading Viktor Frankl: Man's Search for Meaning.

Quick note on tools: Highlighting book passages in the Kindle app, connect to Readwise, get a weekly e-mail with 5 past highlights. Loving this.

Watched Touching the Void: **“You gotta make decisions. You gotta keep making decisions, even if they're wrong decisions. If you don't make decisions you're stuffed.”

My dad came to Berlin for a few days. I cooked dinner for him, Sarah, Marina and David. Bliss!

Present Posts this week: Ben Roth: Enchanted Embodiment

Watch: Preposterous, Poignant, Dubious | Harry Mack Freestyle

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