Week 31
August 01 – August 07, 2022

We are at the end of the holidays. We’ve just been to Seravezza for two days to interview Cynthia Sah and Nicolas Bertoux of ARTCO for the next PRESENT issue. My sister Marina came by to make portraits. It was really fun!

Random tip: Il Fuso from Ciacco in Lucca: one of the best sandwiches I've ever had :) 🥪

Tuscany was so dreamy. What crazy beautiful spot on earth. So grateful for having made this trip with Sarah <3

What I wrote down this morning: Let go completely. Let your ego pass. Fully relax. See your truth. Be. Fall into being.

Present Posts: Ryan Holiday, MY DOJO Hannah Kuhlmann, RIP Issey Miyake

Video: Rick Rubin - Advice on How To Stop Overthinking

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