Week 29
July 17 – July 23, 2023

Fully focused on finishing the magazine. Designing, writing, reviewing. So many things in my head…

I visited our printer in Berlin this week for a few hours to discuss and the upcoming production dates and all necessary preparations. This was good. More clarity and a final timeline!

It was my mothers 15th deathday this week. I miss her a lot. She her gave me strength and confidence. She inspired massively and will forever. I’m so grateful.

Running every single day this week. It helped me maintain good energy and deal with pressure.

Saturday I kept working the whole day and went to UDK in the evening to check out the fashion presentations and support my friend Aimée. Sunday brunch with some good friends in my backyard ☼

Present Post: Towel in the wild

“Whether you think you can or you think you can't: you're right.” ~Henry Ford

✺ One of my mother's favorite songs that remind me of her is Across 110th Street by Bobby Womack
✺ I enjoyed this impressively vulnerable interview with Matej Mohorič after stage 19 of the Tour de France
✺ Watching this was refreshing: Man Embraces Radical Simple Living in Japan

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