Week 20
May 15 – May 21, 2023

Back in Berlin, feeling grateful for the beautiful and productive past month in Paris!

This week I kept on shipping funding outreach e-mails like a mad man. It’s quite rough at the moment. Felt pretty stressed at several points this week. Gotta watch out.

We are in intense layouting phase and we’re making good progress everyday! I’m currently listening back to St. Germain’s Tourist album from 2000 while designing.

In the upcoming Issue 3 of PRESENT and we will have a Present People section again, this time we want to ask you: When you feel lost, overwhelmed or unfocused, how do you reboot? You can participate from the Present Community or shoot me a DM :)

For Newfoundation we launched a new research platform that I designed and developed, focusing on emerging practices at the intersection of fine arts, fashion, philosophy and culture.

”You possess a one-of-a-kind combination of passions, skills, and experiences; there is something you bring to your work that no one else could.” ~Todd Henry

Series: Beef (imdb)
Film: Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris (imdb)
Album: Okra by David Versace (spotify)

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