Week 16
April 15 – April 21, 2024

Had a weekend alone and got pretty much into monk mode. Just working on my thing and recharging with long runs, lifting weights, sauna.

Sitting in a quiet spot, writing, brain dumping. Always helpful. One important regular practice for me is asking: What am I missing? Listening to myself undistracted to understand the areas in life that deserve more of my attention, that might have been distracted by busyness.

Finishing up my upcoming solo-video. As always, more work than expected, but I’m learning a lot! Hope it’ll be worth it. Thankful for Sarah’s feedback.

Dinner in the 18th with our friends Andrea & Benoit and met the gang at Gila’s vintage sale. Went with S to see a live jazz and salsa band…loved it!

This Week’s Wisdom from Kyle Boggeman:
“Sometimes you don’t need a stronger breeze, but to adjust your sail..”

Various Stages of the Making of Present Issue 3

Dune, Islam & Religion: exploring the fascinating world of Dune and the religious themes that we can find in the books and movies
Jean-Michel Basquiat’s effortless flow: five rituals from the artist’s creative process and powerful work ethic

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