Week 14
April 01 – April 07, 2024

Met with my buddy Felix and godson Bruno before heading back to Paris. Welcoming Spring with morning runs at Parc des Buttes-Chaumont!

Thinking about the best practices that helped me in the past to find clarity and purpose. I’m working on a guiding tool for fellow creators. I have a lot of those kinds of favorite unrealized projects in the pipeline and try to progress every day in the early morning hours, before the world comes rushing in.

One of my oldest friends Magnus was in town and we went on a beautiful rampage of favorite restaurants, drinks in the sun and a big picknick with many lovely friends. Feeling blessed. Shout out’s Sarah, Gila, Alex, Cata, Alma, Luca, Aggy, Ira & Stan :)

PRESENT: Letter ✺ 012

“The more you produce, the more your character, your talent will emerge.” (Rick Owens’ advice to creatives and designers)

✺ Check out the full Rick Owens interview by Sofia Tchkonia (2013) from the quote above
✺ Guilty pleasure: the new season of Top Chef France ~ always fun, fascinating and weirdly relaxing
Eric Jeng is exploring humanity through **wonderful street interviews that make me miss NYC!

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