Week 14
April 03 – April 09, 2023

Sarah and I met with our friend and artist Dennis Buck to discuss ideas for his contribution, which was really nice.

Lots of mails and back and forth with many contributors for the new issue. Worked on editing some upcoming interviews and providing feedback on photo shoots and essay contributions.

As always, trying my very best to juggle everything, trying to figure it all out, without going nuts! Continued building the Present website, while working on the issue 3 page plan and socials. Good call with Nea-Kosma discussing their upcoming contribution.

Started running again. Preferred in the early evening which clears my head from the work hours before and gives some extra energy for a last session in the night.

One good journaling prompt I picked up in the WNRS newsletter: Write down your loudest thought.

Saturday morning I took the train to Cologne for my father’s birthday and easter with the whole family🌷

A winner is just a loser who tried one more time. ~George Moore

Article: The Imperfectionist: Urgency doesn't exist
Series: Welcome to Wrexham

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