Week 13
March 25 – March 31, 2024

I was struggling at the beginning of the week with having too many things to take care of, too many small tasks and deadlines. The solution was hitting the gym, then sitting down with a blank paper and radically reduce to the essentials, breaking everything down into clearer and smaller tasks, tackling one-by-one.

Preparing new podcasts and while publishing four Dojos on our website. I feel there are so many hidden gems in our three PRESENT print issues that need to reach a wider audience! I’ll keep on producing and building our Active Archive.

We went to AFIKARIS gallery and visited Matthew Eguavoen’s Ukhurhę exhibition. This was inspiring and impressive as we were lucky to listen to Matthew explain his work.

Sunday I took the Eurostar to Cologne. Stayed for a few days over Easter with the family and to celebrate my fathers birthday. Watching football with my buddy Simon and his dad—our beloved 1. FC Köln is struggling but we remain hopeful—and hanging with my Alaaf and Kickin’ gang.

I live in the moment, and I reflect later.” (Action Bronson)

Present Post: Portraits of Issue 3
Present Post: Breathing Pause

✺ We finally watched Dune 2 which lived up to the hype, insanely good and the cinematography by Greig Fraser was breathtaking
✺ Finished and loved the newest Delta-v novel by Daniel Suarez: it’s high-tech fiction exploring the causes and impacts of rapid technological change
✺ Action Bronson’s epic FINAL MEAL finale of From Paris with Love <3 (also recommend the extended cut of the whole trip)

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