Week 13
March 27 – April 02, 2023

I could smell the spring this week for the first time and it gave me an exhilarating rush of motivation. This might by my favorite times of the year, when you feel that Spring is finally arriving: it always gives me fresh energy and new hope!

And it’s really needed right now. Overwhelm is creeping up on me. Lots on the plate. Juggling more than ever. Next to writing and designing and coordinating contributions, I still need to finish to edit the podcast. And to launch the updated website I’m still building, which I need to be able to tackle funding once more.

Productive Present team call. Issue 3 is in the making. The iron is hot. Lots of organization, but getting closer. We are still a tiny team, so it’s a shitload of work: it’s very intense but we keep it fun!

I took on two additional projects: Working on secret project for Mugler and helped out the Luudan team for a quick job.

Thousands of thoughts in my head, my head is blown away by the daily advancements of AI. What a time to be alive.

A thought: When you think you are at your limit (mind and body) you are not even at 30% of what you are actually capable of. We are much stronger than we think.

“Disregard your rejections. They vanish from history and years from now, you’ll appear to be an overnight success.” ~Markus Almond

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