Week 10
March 06 – March 12, 2023

I took a flight to Paris on Tuesday night and went straight with Sarah to the Ciccolina party at Folies Pigalle, marking the end of Fashion Week. Good times and amazing music by Bearcat.

We met with Liselotte Girard who reached out to the Present team with a great contribution idea. It was nice meeting IRL and making further plans. I wrote a bunch of posts in the Community and recorded my monthly video update. We also had another fireside chat. (The next one will take place on March 23)

What I’m struggling with: I’m making good progress on a lot of things, but: severely procrastinating on the edit of my podcast. But I’m aware, and I’ll get there. Still battling with taxes stuff. When will AI solve this pain?

Had a great call with my friend Moritz Gottlob, amazing producer, moving to Japan next week, who might be able to help coordinating and connecting when it comes to future Present Products.

I’m thankful to be in Paris. I always love to be here. I’m thankful for encouraging messages from my friend Lars. I’m thankful to be completely fit and healthy again.

Film: Call Me Chihiro (lovely!)
Podcast: Jay Shetty: Ex-Monk and His Hell (these guys!)
Book: I’m reading Delta-V by Daniel Suarez, a near future sci-fi novel, and I like it a lot. I think I’m just really enjoying finally reading fiction again for a change!
Post: Junko Tabei🏔

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