Week 09
Feb 27 – Mar 05, 2023

I was struggling to get completely fit again this week, but now finally I’m back 100%. Simply the best feeling. The only positive thing about beinging sick: The contrast once you feel better again. Feeling fully alive again. Realizing that being healthy is by far the biggest gift.

I continued working on a new, upgraded version of the Present website I have in mind since a while. I’m drafting in Figma and Webflow and build something that I find exciting. I caught myself feeling like a kid on Christmas building a new Lego set. Thankful to have something that is challenging and at the same time giving me so much fun and satisfaction!

Every day we are working on Issue 3. Lots of coordination, planning and e-mails. What I'm struggling with: I’m very happy seeing more new members in our Community. But I’m stuck in how to engage everyone more. How can we change this, and inspire more engagement?

Helped my brothers with their birthday party flyers. It’s been like this since I’m 15. And it’ll probably always be like this, I love that I can help with my craft :)

I’m thankful for my apartment. I’m thankful that I can be hopeful for the future. I’m thankful that I have a longterm vision.

Recognize a truth embraced by the most productive and important personalities of generations past: A deep life is a good life. ~Cal Newport

Input I enjoyed this week:
Movie: Ad Astra
Documentary: Rhythm Is It!
Essay: How to Get Out of Your Own Way at Work

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