Week 08
Feb 20 – Feb 26, 2023

I turned 35 on Monday. I’m not one to freak out over numbers, but this one felt a bit different I have to admit. But my 30s were so damn good so far and I feel so thankful for everything in my life, so let’s fucking go✨

I celebrated with family and friends in my hometown Cologne. It was beautiful to hang out there for a few days, and it was in the middle of the carnival! I was DJing on Saturday and we celebrated the Rosenmontagszug on Monday before heading back to Berlin.

On Thursday we had our first live event in the PRESENT Community with Pauline and Carl Baumberger, founders of GLOW GLOW wines. It was a super insightful and fun 1.5 hour conversation, where we talked about the joys and struggles in the life of a wine maker, family dynamics and much much more. I’m grateful it worked out so well and I’m looking forward doing more of those events.

Most of the week I was fighting off a gnarly cold and trying to get fully fit again. This was annoying me, I hate nothing more than being sick. Also, I had to do my taxes which didn’t necessarily lighten up my mood. But it was all ok in the end :)

Saturday I was having dinner with some buddies and we ended up playing FIFA22 which we borrowed from another friend. I haven’t played in 15 years and it was incredibly fun and my thumbs were swollen afterwards🥹

Never underestimate the degree to which people crave clarity and respond positively to it. ~Ken Segall

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