Week 06
Feb 06 – Feb 12, 2023

Week’s Highlight: We launched the PRESENT Community to the public! Grateful for the first new members, and grateful for all beta testers so far! I’m excited for how this space will evolve and how we’re going shape it together🌿

A revelation this week: You don’t need more time, you are just scared. Some tasks sat on my to-do list way longer then they should, and I blamed all the “small tasks” that I needed to get out of the way before. But I was just procrastinating out of fear of failure. Which was of course just a cheap trick of my monkey mind aka Resistance trying to hold me back. It didn't succeed😌

Present team calls and follow-up’s with contributors for Issue 3. I’m also reviewing past Chapters and Present Principles and writing new ones. Would love to write more again in general.

Great work sessions with Sofiane and Daša, building new intro and outro sequences for Newforum, new profiles and diagrams for the Newfoundation ecosystem.

Then I was struck down by food poisoning for 24 hours. That wasn’t nice. But I watched Last Of Us and Wakanda Forever, which I both enjoyed very much.

Friday night I went to ORA with Sarah, Saturday I had a dinner with friends at my place. Recharging<3

Input: The Story Of Sean Paul "Get Busy"

Post: An excerpt from Louise Friedlaender in PRESENT Issue 1

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