Week 05
January 29 – February 04, 2024

Thankful for a great week with good energy in Paris. I have a powerful rhythm going on here and enjoy our day-to-days. Waking up early, trying to get in some hours of deep work. Meetings with good people and exploring the local gyms and cafés. I couldn’t name any other city at the moment that makes me so happy.

Just show up ~ sometimes when I feel not ready: one trick is to simply open whatever file I'm working on. Put yourself in front of your canvas. Just be in the gym. Everything then comes automatically. Simply putting your thing in front of you will make you magically begin more often than not.

Saturday we went to Imperial Raviolis and Lolo cave à manger with some friends. Afterwards to the Edging party with Crystallmess, one of my favorite DJs. So good! Sunday we visited the house of Agnes Varda, the Giacometti Institute, and the Fondation Cartier for Studio Mumbai.

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✺ Finally watched Anatomie d'une chute and it’s as good as people tell you!
✺ Integrity and vulnerability: Jürgen Klopp on Why he made the decision to leave Liverpool
✺ One of my favorite gospel funk mixtapes is back online: Dam-Funk’s Spiritual Flight

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