Week 03
January 15 – January 21, 2024

Immersing myself fully in the moment, trying to focus solely on the one thing in front of me. With everything going on this can be difficult. But concentration is a muscle that can be trained. Dare to focus completely on the now like nothing else matters. Then move on.

I continued PRESENT website updates and published two essays and a long interview from past issues, now online for free for the first time. Explored a new look with updated icons for the Community and started writing longer texts and posts to be published in the coming weeks!

Two big birthday parties of two good friends this weekend with lots of love including karaoke at Ergün’s Fischbude which was much fun and weirdly relaxing.

PRSNT Post: From the Community: New Year Reflections

✺ Respect for Amelia Dimoldenberg of Chicken Shop Date ~ fascinating interview with Colin and Samir
✺ Digging Music 4 Tesla Vol.2 by young Parisian musicians Kaba & Hyas (via RinseFM, thanks Manolo)

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