Week 52
Dec 26 – Dec 31, 2022

Beautiful but quite an intense Christmas break. Felt good afterwards to have a few days all by myself in my Dojo in Berlin before New Years.

Long calls with friends. Long runs in the snowy rain. Continued to write and assemble the 8th issue of my Newsletter — and finally sent it out on the 31st. In the last afternoon before the New Year.

Looking back at the year, one thing I’m happy about is that I jumped over my shadow more than once, silenced the “monkey brain” and got started on tackling new projects. I see this year in many ways as a foundation year for the upcoming one.

I continued to write my answers for a long upcoming interview with an international magazine. This always takes me quite a while!

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all a fulfilling 2023. Health and strength to get started on whatever it is that will make you happy in the longterm. I believe in you🤍

Present Post: Imagine this year as a blank slate for your life. What would you want to change?

Watched Emily the Criminal
Watched Kill Tony (it’s a weekly live podcast/comedy show and I love it)

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