Week 51
Nov 19 – Dec 25, 2022

Feeling better again! Seems like even the last bits of the annoying cold are gone. Now I’m trying to give it all in the last days before the Christmas break.

Worked on portfolio updates that I want to share in the upcoming Newsletter. Worked on adding new works and building the timeline/archive section.

Wrote for the upcoming Present Newsletter. It always takes me quite an effort and time, but it’s important for me to do it. And I want to send it out this year still. Went on two Christmas markets and to the cinema with Sarah.

Designed the UI for our app store on the new version of the Newsafe wallet for Newfoundation. Good, longer calls with Sofiane.

Took the train to Cologne. Worked on the whole train ride. Group zoom call for my friend Taylor’s birthday, who’s in Sicily right now. Went to go to Manufaktum und Muji for some last minute gift shopping. I’m in a great mood. Looking forward to Christmas and family!

Glühwein and bar with my old buddies from my neighborhood. And I was DJing at Jaki club for our annual Christmas Groove party.

Present Post: Insomnia 2 (1997) by Massimo Vitali from PRESENT Issue 2

Watched WeCrashed

Watched All Quiet on the Western Front (2022)

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