Week 04
January 23 – January 29, 2023

On Monday night I recorded the first Present People Podcast episode with my friend Jasmin Truong. We talked for four hours!✨ It was a special situation and we had to get used to it in the beginning, but then we found a great flow…it was really fun. A first episode wouldn’t be real without a technical problem. One of the cameras overheated and stopped recording multiple times, so we had to restart a few passages. I don’t think it’s a big problem, it’ll be just a bit of extra work for me in post-production.

I’m quite on the edge of my capabilities at the moment, trying to squeeze in time here and there to cut the episode ~ can’t wait to publish it and share it with you!

I’m thankful how the beta version of the Community Space is evolving. There is already so much valuable content in there. Thank you to everyone helping out so far. We are working on launching it for the rest of our community next week.

I finished my work for Mugler, the show took place on Thursday in Paris and was mind-blowing! Congrats to the whole team.

On Thursday night I went to Rome with some old friends of mine. We spend most of our days walking around and eating tons of pasta and Birra Moretti (also Trappazetti Roma and Focacceria Roscioli were heavenly!)

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Imagine all your responsibilities and obligations vanish overnight. What would you miss doing? What would you choose to add back to your life? If you're searching for more time this year, start with a clean slate and choose what to add to your days rather than starting with a full schedule and trying to figure out what to eliminate.

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