Introducing: Shidō始動

The first PRESENT scent in collaboration with RYOKO

How do you distill a moment, a feeling, a new beginning?

In collaboration with Berlin-based perfumer Ryoko Hori, we created a fragrance that embodies our ethos, to design a scent that brings us into a moment, a feeling, and a perspective: simultaneously embracing the exhilaration of creative drive and the stillness of repose, of simply being. 

Shidō was created after sharing a series of in-depth sessions with Ryoko Hori. Throughout the journey, we went to her senses salon to learn about the process of making a scent using the fragrance pyramid: a complex combination of top, heart, and base notes. 
70 €
The kanji 始動 of Shidō mean starting, activation, movement, motion, and change. It signifies beginning, which deeply resonates with Present's JUST GET STARTED mantra: Shidō inspires a fresh and conscious start, a reset.

Composed of entirely natural scents and organic alcohol, Shidō is a careful blend of Hinoki, Shiso, Himalayan Cedar, Hyssop, Vetiver, and Siberian Fir that can be used as a body or room spray, but also as a disinfectant. (Our tip: apply a dash to your mask!)
Working on Shidō in RYOKO's atelier in Berlin
Just like PRESENT, Shidō is for dreamers and creators. A scent is an identity – something that we carry with us throughout our daily life. In the most basic sense, a fragrance is something we breathe in, to take in a moment consciously and deliberately. In this way, Shidō is the embodiment of the creative process: of inspiration, joys and doubts, occasionally getting lost and finding our way back. Shidō is an invitation to be present.  
Everyday Essential Spray
50ml / 1.7 fl oz

Himalayan Cedar
Siberian Fir
Organic Alcohol

Made in Berlin by RYOKO for PRESENT
Limited to 100 bottles
Photography by Marina Hoppmann (product shots) and Daniel Kula (making-of shots)