PRESENT Principle 04: Don’t Be Bitter, Be Better

It's been too long since the last update but I'm finally back at it after some intense weeks of work and traveling. I started this chapter a couple weeks ago on the plane to New York, crammed into my seat, barely moving, only my fingers hastily hovering over the keyboard…

Late one night about a year ago when I was still living in NYC I made the decision to pull PRESENT out of my "favorite unrealized projects" drawer and give it a go. It equally excited and scared me — always a good sign to go ahead and do it.

A lot happened in one year. I found an apartment in Berlin with more space to reflect and tinker. I decided to work more independently again, with my own clients and more control over my time and my voice, to be able to do my own thing more thoroughly.

IT DOESN’T MATTER HOW SLOWLY YOU GO, AS LONG AS YOU DON’T STOP. Getting this project to where I want it to be is a slow process — but at least it’s moving forward steadily. And that’s the important thing. I can’t lose momentum again.

I recently gave a workshop at Bauhaus University in Weimar titled MY FAVORITE UNREALIZED PROJECT — I talked with the students about all the projects we dream of realizing one day, and what’s holding us back. Everyone had to design a motivational poster (by hand) around their project visualizing their inspirations, doubts, hopes and ultimate action steps toward actual realization.

I’m teaching what I want to get better at myself. PRESENT is still my own favorite unrealized project — but I’m working very hard to make it as real as possible as fast as I can.