Present People: Hermes Villena
What does being present mean to you?
Keeping up the balance between maintaining a critical state towards the world without losing the feeling for the beauty of life.

Do you have a morning ritual?
Since my son was born one and a half years ago, it has become quite difficult for me to keep a morning ritual. But then again, for me, rituals always had the purpose of grounding myself. And this is something my son sometimes manages to do. For him, there is only the here and now — so I’m often forced to deal with his needs in teh present. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward getting back to my 20-minute morning workout soon.

How do you concentrate? How do you recharge?
There are many small things that help me recharge, but the most effective ones are sex and being surrounded by impressive nature, which is quite difficult living in central Europe.

What stresses do you currently face? And how do you deal with them?
Dealing with the daily struggle and working on too many different projects, I have mostly managed to be, if not in a good mood, at least calm. I guess it‘s just not helpful to let myself be driven by all the stress and the crazy hustle. Keeping it cool helps me to maintain focus.

Do you have a favorite unrealized project?
What do you need to achieve it?

In the last three and a half years I have been working on a project that I know is going to need plenty of time until it‘s realized, the establishing of a Museum in the south of Bolivia, near the border to Argentina. So far, I have worked on the soul of the Museum, the collection. Although I don’t have any money whatsoever to accomplish the project, the most important thing to understand is that
time is on my side.