Present People: Bobby Kolade
What does being present mean to you?
I’m too young to answer this question. I think you only truly know when you’re 40.

Do you have a morning ritual?
Not a huge fan of routines, but when I moved back to Kampala I rented a house with a garden. There is nothing more rewarding than walking through my garden in the morning dew with my kittens on my heels.

How do you concentrate? How do you recharge?
Who can concentrate nowadays? I can’t. The world is so noisy. I spend most of my working time at my desk at home, so I recharge in the garden or on nights out.

What stresses do you currently face? And how do you deal with them?
Have you seen the meme that says ‘living in Kampala is a skill that should be added to our CV’s’? This city is exhilarating but can be frustrating. There are days when nothing works. Sometimes patience, good drinks and, paradoxically, working on several projects helps. If one stalls, switch to the other. Sometimes nothing helps.

Do you have a favorite unrealized project? What do you need to achieve it?
I’m working on a feature documentary film about cotton and fashion in Uganda with two film makers in Kampala, and to be quite blunt, we need cash now though!